From 1991 to 2021

An account on being gay from the 90's to the present with a sex and drug addiction

I now have Instagram Account!

Yes, I have actually sorted out another social media account!

So this is what should happen across all places:

This website sends the new episodes across all the podcasting providers you see on this site. YouTube is also automatically scheduled. I will disclose the fact that ALL 30 years have been recorded, edited and scheduled for release. There are FIVE episodes, which are released fortnightly. So my life story is already ‘in the bag’ and ‘ready to go’! What I haven’t decided yet is what happens after that! I will be putting up a questionnaire straight after Episode 2’s release.

Regarding Facebook/Twitter – there are official accounts for people to interact with, so please like and follow – and where I post news such as this!

Instagram – yeah, I’m going to do something that is either going to look very brave or VERY stupid. I am going to release photos of myself that were taken during the time I talk about per episode. This may look ‘brave’  – but FULL disclosure here – they were already on friends social media accounts – so they have been in the public domain for quite a while – some are not flattering at all, but I think a visual representation of how I looked during the last 30 years, should give some people what to look for in an addict – especially a functioning one like I was.

Patreon – is there for monthly donations –  I want this project to go long term – what that is, I don’t know. Suggestions to my agent at Showdown Management would be greatly appreciated!
For those that want to do a one-off – please use the donate link which is for PayPal.

ALL donations via this site will go directly to the support services that appear here.

I do have some ideas – a stage show, myself doing read-throughs in smaller venues, hold interviews on here with support services for LGBT+/Chemsex/Mental Health sufferers, I will go with whatever the audience wants/needs.

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