From 1991 to 2021

An account on being gay from the 90's to the present with a sex and drug addiction

So I take it you want - Questions...

  • How has all this been produced?

    For potential business enquires, I know I will come clean by the end of Episode 5, but I think I should make this public now so that people have an idea of how all of this is done. First of all, I web host and design for a living, so this website is on a […]

  • A curious problem I have….

    Preamble  – Normally I would put this kind of post on either my company website, or my personal blog, however, the issue is hitting this site/project, so I thought it best to put it here. This problem is very World Wide Web (WWW from heron) specific, as well as being Covid-19 specific too. I wanted […]