From 1991 to 2021

An account on being gay from the 90's to the present with a sex and drug addiction

So I take it you want - In The Press , LGBT Law in the UK

  • In The Press Series now LGBT laws of the UK

    I’m calling a halt on the ‘In The Press’ Series, for one reason alone. Way Too Much Information for a single (sob!) gay man to do alone. these were meant to come around during the week that there was no episode – but it’s too much research, especially when you start hitting on the post-internet […]

  • In the press – 1993-1995

    Many thanks to Martin Weaver for pointing me to the British Library in regard to newspapers etc. I have found some snippets of how gay men and lesbians were portrayed in the tabloids at the time – interestingly, The Sun didn’t appear in any of my searches!!! So to begin with, The Sandwell Evening Mail […]

  • In the Press 1991 -1993

    As this is being retroactively posted  – I started this part of the site from Episode 2, rather than 1 (whoops) – Here is how the LGBT+ (well gay men in particular) community and AIDS was portrayed in the British Press at the time. As these are pre-internet days, I am using The British newspaper […]