From 1991 to 2021

An account on being gay from the 90's to the present with a sex and drug addiction

So I take it you want - News

  • The Last Post!

    This is the last post of this particular part of the project. This part was always going to be a self-contained project, that is podcast and stage show. Next week will be the omnibus edition of the last five episodes. I have a few YouTube videos coming up, which are going to be part of […]

  • Site update

    I have been looking at the website stats on how people are viewing the site – the split between desktop/mobile devices can be best described as ‘Brexit’! Desktop users = 47% Mobile Users = 53% What I have done is split the sidebar, one for the left and one for the right. The left-hand one […]

  • What to expect from this site.

    I have made some adjustments that both make the website more user friendly when the podcasts go live. Originally I was going to have the transcripts of the podcasts as normal blog posts – the problem with that, is they go in reverse order, and not only that, could get out of order depending on […]

  • Spot the error!

    I made a schoolboy error in my trailer. All the platforms have picked up the new edit bar one… I also changed the author in the RSS feed, and only one hasn’t picked it up yet.. They are two different ones! Good  job I gave myself three weeks to iron thing out!

  • Coming Soon!

    My blog and podcasting series will be coming out from the 5th March 2021 at 2 pm. Every episode after that will be coming out fortnightly on a Friday at 2 pm. You will be able to find these on these podcasting channels: Spotify Google Play Apple Podcasts. You can subscribe to them from there, […]