From 1991 to 2021

An account on being gay from the 90's to the present with a sex and drug addiction

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  • The Last Post!

    This is the last post of this particular part of the project. This part was always going to be a self-contained project, that is podcast and stage show. Next week will be the omnibus edition of the last five episodes. I have a few YouTube videos coming up, which are going to be part of […]

  • From 91 to 21 – the photo gallery

    This is the slide show that compliments the podcast series. It does contain some photos of what a drug addict looks like – please view with caution.

  • Episode 5 photos

    Here are the photos that accompany Episode 5

  • LGBT laws of the UK Part Two

    Last fortnight I started LGBT laws of the UK, this I will now finish! This rolls from 1994  – 2013. So we shall start in February! Here is part one, in case you missed it! February 1994 The age of consent for gay men comes down from 21 -18, it was debated to be bought […]

  • Episode 4 Photos

    Here are the photos that accompany Episode 4

  • In The Press Series now LGBT laws of the UK

    I’m calling a halt on the ‘In The Press’ Series, for one reason alone. Way Too Much Information for a single (sob!) gay man to do alone. these were meant to come around during the week that there was no episode – but it’s too much research, especially when you start hitting on the post-internet […]

  • Site update

    I have been looking at the website stats on how people are viewing the site – the split between desktop/mobile devices can be best described as ‘Brexit’! Desktop users = 47% Mobile Users = 53% What I have done is split the sidebar, one for the left and one for the right. The left-hand one […]

  • How has all this been produced?

    For potential business enquires, I know I will come clean by the end of Episode 5, but I think I should make this public now so that people have an idea of how all of this is done. First of all, I web host and design for a living, so this website is on a […]

  • Episode 3 Photos

    Here are the photos that accompany Episode 3

  • Getting the site branded properly!

    I’ve been trying to sort out the website regarding the front page, how to subscribe, easier ways to locate different subjects that I post, as well as the photos that complement various sections. I now have spilt the ‘news sections’ into different categories so it makes it easier to browse, rather than have one long […]

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