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An account on being gay from the 90's to the present with a sex and drug addiction

Getting the site branded properly!

I’ve been trying to sort out the website regarding the front page, how to subscribe, easier ways to locate different subjects that I post, as well as the photos that complement various sections.

I now have spilt the ‘news sections’ into different categories so it makes it easier to browse, rather than have one long list made up of several different pages. So that it’s easier to find the podcast, I have added these links to the homepage, and have removed the opening of Episode 1 – as it is simply repeating what I have said in the 1st episode.

I have also taken the time to produce a selection of photos that are better branded for the site and to give it a consistent look throughout its pages.

Before anyone asks who the model is… I don’t know!!

No, it’s not some bloke I have found on a dating app and put him in front of a green screen just for the hell of it. I do in fact have a stock image subscription where not only do you get your standard stock photos, but most of them come with transparent backgrounds, so you can manipulate them. It also has a search function that is called ‘same model’.

The model seen on this site is one of many holding things, pens, paper, or making different expressions. Originally I was just keeping him on the advert, but thought it would make more sense in using him (I now personally feel so sorry for this guy!!!) for different types of post – so to keep this website on-brand.

I am now awaiting for the day he gives me a cease and desist letter, as I have now overused him!

All the images used on this site, that is the backgrounds, images and model can be found on the site Billionphotos – a royalty-free subscription-based service in which you are able to download up to 100 images a day.

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