From 1991 to 2021

An account on being gay from the 90's to the present with a sex and drug addiction

What I have done so far…

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been sorting out photos for Instagram, as I wanted a visual interpretation of myself going from teenager to sex/drug addict to a 5-year clean man. I have done that, and they are ready for posting on the scheduled days of each episode. They will also be available here.

As most of you may have realised, there is a poll, as I want this to go further than just what I have done so far, but I want the journey to be driven by the audience rather than what I should think where this project should go.

As I have always maintained, all episodes are written and edited and are just sitting there ready for the scheduled date, as well as the Instagram posts. From where I am sitting at the moment the project is completely produced, but rather than throwing all the content out there in one go, it is all staggered on a fortnightly basis.

On May 7th – there is the ‘Omnibus Edition’ of the podcast, as I’m well aware that people may want to be able to binge listen after 30th April (The last episode goes out on that date), and I have created a video gallery of all the stills for YouTube to come out on that date too.

Again, if you want to contact me for any business reasons, please contact me via my Management Team at Showdown Management – as there is only so much I can do on my own!

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