From 1991 to 2021

An account on being gay from the 90's to the present with a sex and drug addiction

How has all this been produced?

For potential business enquires, I know I will come clean by the end of Episode 5, but I think I should make this public now so that people have an idea of how all of this is done.

First of all, I web host and design for a living, so this website is on a VPS and I built the server to my specifications AND I have designed the site. Secondly, I have blog-posted well over 3 years now, whether it’s my company’s site, or my personal blog, which acts as my resume for web development so I am well versed in this blog posting thing – and being able to keep both blogs ‘on-brand’.

I touch on that I was the sound manager in a school production – so it will come as no surprise that I am the one behind the editing of the podcasts, and as I’m a control freak, this server/site is the service that distributes the podcasts to the podcasting services fortnightly.

I can also manipulate photos in a photo editing package – so again, it is me that is manipulating all those images!

Regarding the photos of me throughout the years, I wanted to have a visual representation of what I was like throughout the 30 years, so that you see me grow up – this site AND social media will have what I look like now WHEN Episode 5 comes out – until then, it’s stock images and early photos of me!

I also touch on the fact that I have been in the entertainment industry before – so again, should come as no surprise that,  it is my voice you are listening to.

Social Media – I would dearly love to give this over to someone – as I would prefer to just produce content, whether that’s a podcast or a blog post, I would just want to create stuff rather than promote myself over THREE Social Media accounts – I do shortcut though – I have a service that helps me cross-post over those accounts – something I learned as a web hosting service!

I said in episode 3, ‘Originally this was to basically be a perspective of the gay scene in the ’90s, but it became apparent that there was something else at play that I have never EVER discussed with ANYONE‘ – It was going to be a simple blog, but then became apparent that this could be turned into a podcast – not only that, my experiences over the last 30 years could help someone – and the skills I have accumulated over those 30 years has meant I could do all this myself.

This truly is a one-man show – either on Social Media, this website, the podcast, ALL images, Instagram and on here have been manipulated by me.

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