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An account on being gay from the 90's to the present with a sex and drug addiction

Did you know… in 1993?

Did you know that Micheal Gove (yes the Conservative MP) used to be a BBC reporter? He was at my first London Pride reporting what the ‘demonstration’ was about. It is only recently that the media have called them Pride festivals, in the 90’s they were very much called  ‘Marches’ or ‘Demonstrations’ in the UK press.

As I mentioned in the podcast, this was the time that the age of consent was 21.

During this report, Gove said, ‘Many of the men on this march will have broken the law, repeatedly and persistently, by falling in love as teenagers’ – to think, if I watched the news, rather than go on the march itself, I might have heard this snippet, and things might have turned out differently…how ironic!!!

He goes on to say – ‘Last year, hopes were raised that the age of consent for homosexuality and heterosexuality would be equalised, but many now fear the government won’t make a move. So, what are the chances of the change in the law that makes young gay love a sex crime?’

Just one year later – the age of consent came down from 21 to 18, during John Major’s Government. Yes, we were disappointed that it wasn’t equal, but it was a step in the right direction.

Just for the record   – John Major was running a Conservative Government…

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